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ecoat coatings

Electro-coating, often referred to as e-coat, is a method of organic finishing which uses electrical current to deposit paint onto ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. The process works on the principle of "opposites attract" and is an economical alternative to standard coating systems. E-coat provides an even highly corrosion resistant coating on complex surfaces and eliminates runs, drips and sags.

The entire process incorporates a set of environmentally responsible parameters which are heavy metal & HAPS free and complies with RoHS standards.

ecoat process ecot system

E-coat Process Capabilities

  • Part sizes up to 9ft
  • Fast Turn Around
  • 100% Coverage on Complex Parts
  • High Volume
  • Uniform Film Thickness
  • Superior Edge Coverage

E-coat Applications & Properties

  • Excellent Corrosion Protection - Exceeds 3000 hours salt spray testing ASTM B117
  • Meets or exceed numerous automotive, industrial, military and OEM specifications
  • Suitable for aluminum, copper, magnesium and ferrous metals
  • Excellent coil coating alternative for HVAC, Evaporators & Condenser Coils
  • Outstanding coverage - penetrates hard to reach areas and sharp metal edges
  • Suitable as a cost effective primer for most powder & liquid topcoats
  • Temperature resistance up to 400°F

E-coat Eight Stage Process

  • Alkaline clean - remove a wide variety of oils and particle soils
  • Overflowing rinse
  • Deposition of zinc phosphate conversion coating - increases corrosion protection
  • Overflowing rinse
  • Final rinse
  • E-coat bath - electrical deposition of black epoxy finish
  • Post rinses
  • Bake/Cure Oven
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Electro-Coil® process fin tube coil
Ecoat meets numerous OEM & automotive specifications
Ecoat finishes provide 100% coverage via immersion processing