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Decorative Coatings & Finishes

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decorative coatings
Architects, builders, engineers and manufactures in all types of industries are discovering the remarkable advantages of decorative coatings. The patented wood grain powder coating sublimation process facilitates the decorative finishing on coated aluminum, iron, glass, ceramic, plastic and other surfaces for windows, doors, fixtures and virtually any product where aesthetic appeal and durability enhance its value.

Decorative finishes allow our customers to differentiate their products from their competition by transforming the look of aluminum, metal and other materials, they can be designed to accurately resemble authentic wood grain, marble and stone finishes or just about any decorative design that can be imagined. A digitally reproduced image is all that is needed to produce any new pattern.

Performance Testing Specifications

  • ASTM B117 Salt Spray - Corrosion Resistance
  • Florida Exposure Testing
  • AAMA 2603-02 (American Architectural Manufacturers Association)
  • AAMA 2604-05
  • RINA Certification
  • Taber Testing UNI 9115/87
  • Q.U.V.
  • Anti-Microbial & Anti-Graffiti

We provide a variety of decorative processes which can be used to protect, decorate and provide added value advantages that improves the competitiveness of your product.

Sublimation Process

Images are transferred under heat from a printed film to a part or substrate that has been properly powder coated. The inks from the image film permeate the powder coated substrate by the process of sublimation. The resulting image turns plain, dull surfaces into what appears to be a rich wood, marble, granite or stone finish. Sublimation finishes can be applied to aluminum, metals, composites, glass, ceramics, woods, plastics and more. Surfaces can be two or three dimensional in shape.

Water Transfer Process

An activated film is floated on a quiescent tank of water. The material being coated has been properly prepared and is lowered through the film. The film wraps around the features of the material being coated creating a continuous finish of wood, stone, camouflage, metallic or other special design. Images are top-coated for a durable finish with the desired matte, gloss or other aesthetic effect.

Powder & Liquid Coatings

Decorative finishes add cost effective protection and vibrant colors to your products. Applied to a variety of substrates, they can protect against oxidation, corrosion, UV exposure, coastal salt water, chemical exposure and other environmental hazards. Multi-step operation includes surface preparation, application and curing. Surface preparation insures the best possible bond between the coating and substrate. Products are coated either by powder or liquid spray then cured via air-dry or oven cured finish.

Thermal Spray

The versatility of flame spray technology provides the customer with a wide variety of choices for material selection and performance. Corrosion protection, mechanical performance, hardness, insulation, chemical resistance, wear, decorative and other properties can be achieved using flame spray application. Application methods include twin arc and powder. Applications include wear plates, seal rings, hoppers, vessels, tanks, shafts, fan blades & rotors as well as other components for railroad, power, printing, water works, paper mills and military applications.

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Decorative Coatings
Wood grain sublimation process aluminum window frame sections
Decorative Coatings
Wood grain sublimation process metal vent cover
Decorative Coatings
Wood grain sublimation process aluminum exterior window skylight
Decorative Coatings
Small sampling of the numerous variety of wood grain finishes
Decorative Coatings
Marble water transfer finish over light weight molding
Decorative Coatings
Water transfer process tool box and tools
Decorative Coatings
Water transfer process for plastic vase
Decorative Coatings
Wood grain sublimation process steel grate
Decorative Coatings
Water transfer camaouflage for gun stocks & components
Decorative Coatings
Small sampling of the numerous variety of water transfer finishes
Decorative Coatings
Wide variety of decorative finishes for glass surfaces & bottles
Decorative Coatings
Wood grain sublimation process for decorative retail metal shelving