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Sublimation Process

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The sublimation process is a two-step process. In the first step, the product being decorated is powder coated for protection and durability of the finish. In the second step, a pattern is transferred from a specially printed film to the surface of the powder coat by the process of sublimation. The result is an appearance that offers manufacturing advantages of metal, composites, and other durable materials with all of the beauty of wood, stone, or a myriad of other patterns.

Sublimation finishes can be applied to metals, composites, glass, ceramics, woods, plastics, etc..
Surfaces can be 2 or 3 dimensional in shape.
• Extrusion

• Wall Panels
• Floor gratings
• Heater covers
• Handrails
• Wall Panels
• Tables and Chairs
• Electrical Plates & Fixtures
• Boat Interiors & Fixtures
• RV Interiors & Fixtures
• Store Fixtures
• Doors and Windows
• Sporting Equipment
• Etc., Etc., Etc.
decorative coating sublimation
Sublimation Process for Decorative Retail Shelving

Decorations available are an exhaustive list of wood grain, stone, and fantasy patterns. There are hundreds of standard or special patterns which can be developed to meet your product requirements. A digitally reproduced image is all that is needed to produce any new pattern.

Example Pattern Types

decorative finishes

Quality and Testing
Materials used in the sublimation process have been submitted to a number of third party testing organizations. The results verify that the finish shows superior resistance to chemicals, UV exposure, salt- spray, and many other environmental hazards.

Some of the Test Results
DeCoral® Quality and Testing
The DeCoral®-Process has been submitted to a number of independent testing agencies. This ongoing effort assures you of the best quality product we can produce. A partial list of testing is listed here.

Light tests:
Q.U.V tests
Light fastness test
Accelerated weathering test
UV test
Q.Sun 3000
Xenotest 150S

Physical/Mechanical/Chemical tests:
Corrosion tests
Chemical and corrosion resistance tests
Anti-graffiti test
Mechanical test performances

Natural exposure tests:
Natural exposure tests
Natural exposure test (Florida)

Quality certificates:
Qualital testing reports
ACT Laboratories

A.A.M.A. reports:
AAMA 2603-02
AAMA 2604-02