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Coil Coatings

Metal Cladding – Applied Coating Technology

  • Heresite® - Heat Cured Phenolic Coating
  • Thermoguard – Polyurethane pigmented coating system for heat exchangers
  • Blygold – Aluminum pigmented polyurethane system for aluminum & copper HVAC coils
  • Electro-Coil® – Ecoat cathodic epoxy corrosion protection for condenser coils, heat exchangers & HVAC
coil coatings

Application Services

  • Finned Tube Coils
  • Evaporators
  • Radiators
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Condenser Coils
  • Fans & Blowers
  • Air Handling Equipment
  • Fabrications & Weldments
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Refrigeration Coils

All types and sizes of coils, radiators and HVAC equipment can be coated with either a Heresite, Thermoguard or E-coat coating system. Choosing the correct coating system for your specific application and budget will protect the coated coil against damaging environments such as coastal salt air, acid rain as well as most other corrosive atmospheres. Selecting and applying the proper coating will significantly extend the service life of the coil as compared to an uncoated coil. Our coating processes will improve operating efficiency by protecting against corrosion while reducing energy costs. When compared to replacement cost and down time, applying the coil coating system that best fits your requirements is extremely cost effective!

We are a licensed applicator of Heresite, Thermoguard, Blygold and E-coat Electro-Coil®. The coating processes we apply provide an economical alternative in comparison to making coils out of expensive specialty metals needed for highly corrosive environments. The coating will also protect the unit from harsh cleaning agents.

Proper pretreatment is essential in providing optimum long term performance of any coil coating system. Metal Cladding's unique and extensive pre-treatment processing in conjunction with our application know-how is what sets up apart from our competition. The result is outstanding adhesion of the coating to the coil resulting in the best possible product performance.

View More Pictures Of Coil Coatings:
Coil Coatings
Heresite® Coil Coatings
Coil Coatings
Heresite® Coil Coatings
Electro-Coil Application
Electro-Coil Application