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Thermoguard Coatings

The capacity of a heat exchanger originates from the rejection or attraction of heat from an aluminum finned surface. The cooling fluid through the copper tubes transports the heat through the system. If corrosion deteriorates the finned surface and or the coupling between aluminum fins and copper tubes (galvanic action), the capacity of the fin coil can go down by 50%. Air conditioning can consume 80% of the electricity bill of an average office building. The operational performance strongly influences CO2 emissions e.c. energy consumption.

Unique corrosion protection system ensures:
Energy Saving & Sustainability in CO2 Emission reduction
hermoguard stands for products and processes that prevent or stop corrosion of heat exchanging coils, casings and drain pans of HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) equipment. Thermoguard products and processes are preventive and corrective measurements to maintain nominal performance of heat exchanging coils. Marketing is focused on energy savings (at least 60% of the energy bill of an average office building comes from HVAC) and environmental responsibilities (CO2 emission reduction).

Thermoguard Products