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Heresite Coating Products

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HVAC Corrosion Protective Coatings Baked on Phenolic Thermosetting Material

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What is Heresite?

An economical alternative in comparison to making coils out of special metals for highly corrosive environments. Aluminum fin coils coated in a corrosion protection coating is more economical than making the coil from copper and other expensive metals. This coating will also protect the unit from cleaning agents. The process is a spray on wet coating that is baked afterwards for full cure. Metal Cladding's unique pre-treatment processing to your product provides the best adhesion to the coil resulting in the best performance.

  • Reduces corrosive gas degeneration.
  • Extends life of the coil or unit.
  • Coatings do not hinder the products performance.

Performance of Coating
Thermal Conductivity of 2,000 BTU's per hour per square foot
Based off of 3 mil coating thickness
Maximum temperature resistance is 400° F
Very flexible coating and can withstand thermal shock

This coating can perform well at sub zero temperatures without losing chemical/mechanical properties.
Metal Cladding can provide custom processing of 24 feet in length.

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