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Electro-Coil Technology

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Electro-coil Technology provides e-coat solutions for enhanced corrosion protection required on condenser coils, heat exchangers and HVAC Equipment.

Electro-coil provides uniform coverage on condenser coils and heat exchangers which is durable, thermally conductive, and corrosion resistant. Our 100,000 square foot facility can provide you with the quality, service, and production needed to meet your product's delivery schedule.

The entire process incorporates a set of environmentally responsible parameters which are lead/HAPS free with very low VOC's (Volitile Organic Compounds).

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Electro-Coil Coating Capabilities
  • Part Size: Up to 9ft
  • Fast Turn Around
  • 100% Coverage of Complex Parts
  • Uniform Film Thickness
  • Superior Edge Coverage
    Substrates Types of parts Corrosion Resistance
    Aluminum Weldments Exceeds 3000 hours
    Copper Air Handling Eq. salt spray testing
    Ferrous Metals HVAC per ASTM B117
    Magnesium Evaporators  
      Condensor Coils  

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Electro-Coil Coating Properties
Market Segment   Properties Added by Electrocoating
Uniformity   A consistent film build averaging one mil (0.001") dry film thickness over the entire coil assembly.
Coverage   Penetrates hard-to-reach areas and sharp metal edges.
Durability   Ability to comb out damaged and/or bent fins without adhesion loss or flaking of coating
Thermal Conductivity   Thin and consistent paint thickness translates to heat transfer loss of approximately one percent compared to newly fabricated, clean coils and would improve heat transfer when compared to contaminated/oxidized, uncoated coils.
Corrosion Protection   Exceeds 3000 hours salt-spray testing per ASTM B117
Temperature Resistance   Up to 400 degrees F

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